Creative Content

When it comes to creative content, I produce mostly design related to things like brand identity (logos, business cards etc), Photo compositions, typography based pieces, packaging, invitations and some photography. I have worked on interactive design projects during my graphic design course but it is not something I have done outside of it (i.e as freelance work).

The good thing about the majority of the work I create is that there as a variety of ways in which this content can be kept. For example, all the files I use from research, scanned sketches, developmental work, working files (psd, ai etc) and finals are all kept in folders that are related to the subject so I can search for it easily if need be. These files are saved in multiple locations like on my computer, on a hard drive and I have in the past burnt everything I have onto disc and labelled it with a date for smarter archiving in case computer or hard drive fail.

Portable-Drive Blank_CD_R

 I also think that a good way to keep my work alive is by printing it and having a physical version of it either hang up some where or kept in a folder with other printed works to show future employees my progression as an artist and also for me to see how my style may have changed over the years. Because I have created designs that have been printed on to apparel, that is another way my work can be kept even if I am to lose the files related to it.

zidari_3 zidari_2

Having my online portfolio is another way I can store my work and resort back to if anything happens to my storage devices. Because I am in control of my online folio, I can decide whether or not I want it deleted for good and if something is outdated it is my choice on how long I keep certain files up on the site or if I want to change some work, I can because I have the original working files stored away safely and can access them if need be.


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