In graphic design, I think collaborations are a very smart and interesting way to create a piece of art. For example, I am not good at hand drawing, with pencil and paper but I think I have skills in creating artwork digitally. So if I were to collaborate with a person who is amazing at drawing, I can take there drawing and scan it and work on it in Photoshop or Illustrator adding my own flavour and various elements to the drawing and creating something that is unique and original. Sort of like a best of both worlds piece of work.

Designers and Artists that Collaborate

When I read the question about people who have collaborated for change one of the first things that crossed my mind was in that 2013 Reebok collaborated with The Keith Haring Foundation and released a collection of sneakers that used a range of art by Keith Haring.

“In the early ’80s, Haring burst on to the contemporary art scene, soon becoming one of the world’s most influential, controversial and revered artists. Creative spirit and cultural influence provide a synergy between Reebok and Haring’s work, making the combination of his most recognized art and Reebok’s most celebrated models a natural fit.”

Keith Haring started his foundation in 1989, with its mission being to assist non-profit organizations which provide educational opportunities to underprivileged children, as well as organizations involved in research and care related to AIDS and HIV. Reebok working with the Keith Haring Foundation is a good way for people who are into sneakers and street wear but not into art, to become aware of artists they have not heard of and to learn about some art history and how their creativity and work was an inspiration to others.

keith-haring-reebok-classic-leather-mid-61 keith-haring-reebok-classic-leather-mid-v44585-spring-2013-01 reebok-keith-haring-freestyle-hi-profile-1

I think that the collaboration between Reebok and Keith Haring is something that a lot of people would associate with me because I am a big fan of sneakers (sneakerhead) and last year during our cultural studies subject we learnt about art history, I took an interested in such artists as Keith Haring and jean Michel Basquiat and over the last year have bought cards and posters with their work on them.


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