Different Cultures

Both my parents are Turkish Cypriots and arrived in Australia in the 1970’s (Dad in 1973 and Mum in 1974) My mum came with all her siblings, parents and some cousins where as my dad came with one sister. My parents met each other here in Australia and got married in 1975.
Like most first generation Australians, food has been the biggest part of my awareness to Turkish culture. But growing up I was also exposed to other things related to our culture by the way we were raised, celebrating Islamic holidays, going to Turkish gatherings and also having furniture, art and other household items sent from relatives from overseas. Turkish rugs, plates and cups, books, art and even music have played a part in my life because all of my relatives in Australia have similar décor in their homes.

islamictile230207 6939590_orig

The patterns used are mainly geometric, abstract designs which are duplicated and arranged in intricate combinations.
Recently I have been told that a lot of my work has the use of triangular shapes and geometric patterns. I guess all the Turkish related patterns and designs I saw growing up is sub-consciously slipping into my design work.

Designer similar to me

A designer I came across back in 2008 is a man named Mike Orduna a.k.a Fatoe.
I grew up in the 90s and the two things I got into as a kid (and still am into) are basketball and hip hop. Fatoe has a lot of work that uses hip hop artists or basketball players and creates posters using paint splatters, drawn lines and ink.
I like them because they are a bit messy and have a raw feel to them which also reminds me a bit of street art/stencil art but in a digital way.
I have created a series of posters using musicians who have passed away with a similar style to Fatoe.

Jimi1                                       01

My Jimi Hendrix Poster                                                                 Jay Z poster by Fatoe


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